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Acuity Margin Management™ Pricing Tool

Price optimization is within your reach.

Price optimization is a science — not an art, not a gut feeling, not an approximation. Getting prices right means digging into your transactional invoice data, identifying outliers, analyzing products and markets, zeroing in on the optimal price range, and then setting prices accordingly.

Simple, right? It actually is with Acuity Margin Management business analytics software. This data-driven approach to price setting helps you improve your overall price performance by knowing where you can adjust prices without losing sales.

The Acuity Pricing Module enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Measure price performance across your organization by product group, individual item, market segment, sales region and sales representative
  • Identify customer/item combinations that are outside of the optimal price range and make price adjustments to improve margins
  • Identify price leaks, such as discounts and freight and payment terms, that could be eroding your profit margins
  • Measure price sensitivity/elasticity to determine where price improvement targets lie

The Acuity Pricing Module will change your approach to pricing and boost your potential for profitability.

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