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Acuity Margin Management™ Profit Tool

Analyze mix, pricing and sales performance to increase profitability

What does it take to proactively manage your profit margins? Business analytics software that helps you analyze and optimize your customer mix, product mix, sales performance, price performance and cost controls.

The Acuity Margin Module equips you with the business intelligence you need to improve your margins. Monitor key performance indicators and gain control over the profit drivers critical to your financial success. Identify the positive and negative impacts these drivers make on margin. Evaluate how they interact and why they make a difference. Plot them out to see trends over time. Once you understand which profit drivers need attention, you can work toward adjustments designed to increase customer profitability.

The Acuity Margin Module will also help you:

  • Isolate margin performance for any business line, market, customer, product, region or sales representative
  • Discover which areas of your business are changing most significantly and how these changes impact your bottom line
  • Identify gross margin variances across any item, market, customer, product group or region
  • Reveal low-margin transactions and make quick corrections to improve profit, and high-margin transactions and understand why they occur
  • Identify which customers are most profitable and which cost you money

Discover how managing your margins can take your profitability to new heights.

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