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Acuity Margin Management™ Sales Tool

Your sales team CAN drive customer profitability.

Few organizations recognize the tremendous potential for margin improvement that lies within their sales force. Fewer still possess the insights they need to harness this untapped potential. Acuity Margin Management business analytics software provides actionable insights to help your sales team leverage their influence over margin to increase customer profitability.

Through graphic analysis of your transactional data, the Acuity Margin Management Sales Module pinpoints margin improvement opportunities that are within the control or influence of your sales team. Armed with this information, your sales professionals can leverage various profit drivers, effectively managing profit improvement by customer, product and market.

In addition, this business analytics software enables you to:

  • Identify the salespeople generating the most profit and determine what makes them successful
  • Identify the salespeople generating the least profit and engage them in improvement initiatives
  • Prioritize accounts by profitability, and encourage sales teams to focus their efforts on the pockets of greatest opportunity

You can also monitor these profit drivers through Acuity Margin Management, to assess their impact on the profitability of a particular product, customer, sales region or market segment:

  • Sales performance
  • Price performance
  • Customer mix
  • Product mix
  • Margin performance

The Acuity Sales Module empowers your sales force in ways you never imagined.

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