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One-Day Price Negotiation and Strategy Training Workshop

Our Price Experts Deliver Strategic Pricing Strategies You Can Implement Immediately.

Price Point Partners offers an opportunity for you and your product managers, marketing managers, sales managers, business unit leaders – anyone who plays a role in setting your prices – to begin strengthening your strategic pricing capabilities with a minimal investment. Our One-Day  Strategic Pricing Workshop offers price strategies and action items you can put into practice right away to increase your revenues and improve your profit margins. Your One-Day Strategic Pricing Workshop will explore:

1. Your Pricing Challenges and Opportunities

Our in-depth discussion with your management team will help you:

  • Identify your pricing challenges, understand their underlying causes and recommend practical solutions
  • Uncover your strategic pricing opportunities and examine ways to tap into their profit potential

2. Insights to Drive Margin Improvement Through Your Data

Prior to the workshop, we’ll ask you to provide us with a sample of your historical pricing data (taken from your invoices) and use our proprietary analytics on them. The strategic price analysis we share will help you gain insight into your pricing and profit opportunities.

3.  Price Leaks That Are Draining Your Bottom Line

Price Point Partners pricing consultants will lead your team in exercises that will uncover pricing leaks within your business – overused discounts and rebates, waived freight charges, free shipping upgrades and other potential sources of lost profits. Even tiny price leaks can hurt your bottom line. We’ll help you find the price leaks and plug them.

4.  Improve Your Pricing Performance the Very Next Day

Finally, we’ll get you on course toward adopting a culture of strategic pricing management. We’ll provide:

  • Immediate first steps to improve your pricing performance and drive more profit margin
  • Strategic pricing strategies ideally suited for you as a manufacturer or distributor
  • Steps you can take to begin leveraging value in your pricing environment
  • Insight into the positive impact strategic pricing can have on your firm

Call us today at 330-342-0923 for more information about the One-Day Strategic Pricing Workshop or to schedule your session.


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