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Price Implementation

Selling for Profit™ Equips Your Team to Excel

Point of sale is the moment of truth in pricing. If your sales team has even the slightest influence on price adjustments, then the success of your price optimization program hinges on their preparedness. Give them the guidance and resources they need to understand and adopt target prices, and to create a new culture driving sales and profit margins.

PricePoint Partners’ Selling for Profit™ price implementation training program helps sales professionals get comfortable with your new pricing structure, present the new prices with confidence and address challenges that might arise when face-to-face with difficult buyers.

Skill Development

Price execution at the point of sale is not something learned in Sales Training 101. Selling for Profit takes sales professionals deep into the strategies and tactics of delivering and defending prices. This program includes training, coaching and tools to create a sustainable high-margin pricing culture.

Price Adoption

Customer-facing teams need to have confidence in new pricing structures and price-setting processes. Selling for Profit delivers clear, simple logic on how price points are created to help sales teams embrace price recommendations.

Selling Your Value

Turning the focus of price discussions with buyers to economic value levels the playing field and drives more positive outcomes. Through hands-on exercises, your sales team will learn to identify and sell your economic value, and to handle the objections of buyers who want to focus only on price.

Don’t let your pricing optimization program fall short of its goals due to poor execution. Selling for Profit equips your sales teams to win negotiations that drive profit to your bottom line and move you closer to your ideal pricing culture.