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Value Selling and Price Negotiations Training


Sell Your Value

Getting your fair share of price is dependent on your sales team’s ability to sell your value. The stronger case you make for your value directly translates into the price you capture from your customers. Is your sales team selling your value and capturing the best possible prices?

Selling for Profit is an advanced training and coaching program for sales professionals that teaches your front line teams how to recognize and leverage measurable value in every sales transaction. This isn’t sales training 101.
Your sales team will roll up their sleeves in a highly interactive program to identify and measure the economic value your business delivers. Specialized tools are employed to support your value model from economic value estimation through effective value communication. Learn how to present your value case and keep buyers focused on economic benefits instead of just price.

Defend Your Price

The objective for buyers is to maintain supply and reduce costs. They are well trained on tactics to reduce your price. Is your sales team protecting your prices?
Selling for Profit equips sales professionals with the strategies and tactics to defend prices and win price negotiations. Excessive price discounting may help close sales but devastates profit margins. Equip your team with negotiating strategies to protect prices instead of simply discounting. Learn how to leverage buyer risk and what strategies to employ when a buyer pushes back on price.


Measure Your Performance

Training your sales team to effectively manage pricing challenges in the marketplace is a great start. But, how will you know if the program is successful?
Selling for Profit delivers post-training reporting that measures price performance down to the sales rep level. No more guessing on training effectiveness. See exactly how each participant is affecting prices and profit margins. Recognize the high performers and offer additional support to underperforming personnel. 
Stop selling on price. Start selling for profit!
Contact sales training speaker Ralph Zuponcic today about our Selling for Profit™ sales program, and explore how “value selling” training can revitalize your sales efforts.