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Price Optimization Engine

QuotePro Pricing Engine™: Price Optimization Without Expensive Software

Optimizing prices doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. QuotePro Pricing Engine by PricePoint Partners improves your price performance and drives higher profit margins without the hassle or expense of installing expensive software. This scientific, data-driven tool delivers customized, market-based price recommendations to help you close more deals and raise your margins.

Harnessing Your Data

Your historical pricing data holds a tremendous number of improvement opportunities. You simply need to uncover and leverage them. QuotePro Pricing Engine incorporates the data you provide — your pricing data, customer-based input, competitive pricing, managerial knowledge and sales team experience — into the analytical process.

Analytical Process

QuotePro Pricing Engine performs a mathematical analysis of these inputs based on micro-segmentation. The pricing engine is capable of processing very large files commonly found in wholesale distribution and manufacturing businesses.

Practical Guidance

QuotePro Pricing Engine delivers market-based transactional price recommendations ready for implementation in your system. In the hands of your sales team, these optimized prices can improve sales close rates and margin performance.

Your data. Your experience. Your solution.

QuotePro Pricing Engine delivers a pricing solution customized to your business. In just a few short weeks, you can be implementing a pricing structure that generates more sales and higher profit margins. Give your sales team a competitive edge that will boost your financial performance.

Ask about our preliminary analysis on your business that will pinpoint the price and margin improvement you can expect from a PricePoint Partners pricing optimization program.