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Pricing Analytics Training

Uncover the potential for price and margin improvement that’s embedded in your data.
If you want to dig into your data to identify pricing opportunities and develop strategies for lifting margin, PricePoint Partners offers a pricing analytics training program that will show your team how to measure, monitor and analyze your pricing data to uncover actionable insights. 
Developed and presented by Dick Sobel, director of price analytics at PricePoint Partners, our pricing analytics training will help you make more informed decisions about setting and improving prices as you explore the science of the numbers.
Pricing Analytics Training Takeaways and Sessions 
Participants will leave this pricing training with a better understanding of:
  • The strategic role of pricing on profitability
  • How to develop and apply pricing processes to strengthen revenue management efforts
  • How to use data analytics to measure price, cost, mix, volume and price elasticity — drivers critical to margin management 

Choose on-site or online instruction that we will tailor to your specific pricing and profitability objectives. Each training session includes course materials and instruction led by Dick and supplemented by a variety of breakout sessions. 

Session 1: Pricing Power & Strategies

Explore the concept of value-based pricing and how pricing improvements as small as 1% can enhance your profitability. 
Session 2: Pricing Processes
We’ll discuss the price waterfall, how to close the pricing loop to increase profitability and how segmentation plays into your overall pricing strategy.
Session 3: Price Setting
An in-depth look at segmentation and conjoint analysis offers insights into effectively implementing established pricing principles.
Session 4: Data Driven Pricing Analytics
Analyze the dynamics of price, margin and profitability as we delve more deeply into pricing analytics and price elasticity. See a demonstration of pricing software designed to help you leverage price analytics to its fullest.
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