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How to Price

Price your products to maximize revenue and profits.

One of the toughest challenges of running a manufacturing company or distributorship is figuring out how to price all of your products. You’re trying to sell a broad range of products to a diverse group of buyers, many of whom are being wooed by irrational competitors who are slashing prices to the quick. How can you steer clear of the price wars and command the prices you deserve? Price Point Partners offers strategies to help you:

  • Price new products
  • Price in new markets or channels
  • Set optimized prices in crowded markets
  • Negotiate fair prices with price-sensitive buyers
  • Keep your team focused on the right pricing strategy
  • Know where the best price-related opportunities lie for capturing margin and closing more sales

We provide you with the information and tools you need to optimize your prices and defend them in the marketplace. Adopt our proven pricing strategies, and you’ll find that your team is selling more – and selling more profitably.

How do you get started? By selecting the topic below that addresses your pricing priority:

  • Pricing Training – Hands-on sessions led by seasoned pricing advisors turn your sales and executive teams into value-based pricing experts.
  • Pricing Analytics – What helpful secrets lie within your invoices? Using proprietary analytics, we examine your historical pricing data to uncover hidden pricing and profit opportunities.
  • New Product Pricing – Pricing a new product shouldn’t be a guessing game. Here’s how to get it right the first time.
  • One-Day Pricing Workshop – Gathers your management team to attack your pricing challenges and opportunities with guidance from Price Point Partners pricing experts.

“Pricing a new product in a new market is never easy. Our company was planning the release of a new product that required precise price positioning among competitors. Price Point Partners assessed our product’s value in the marketplace and pinpointed our pricing options. We were able to launch the product with confidence knowing that we had a competitive pricing strategy.”

Raymond F. Riek
Carbolytic Materials Company