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Pricing Training Workshops

Pricing Training Workshops apply value-based strategies to real-world challenges.

Once your team has learned the basics of value-based pricing through our Classroom Training, we give them the opportunity to apply their newfound strategies and tactics to some of their current challenges through pricing training workshops. An integral part of our pricing strategy training program, these breakout sessions enable your team to discuss issues specific to your firm and solve them together in small groups.

Additionally, program participants will have the opportunity to participate in these four pricing training workshops:

Value Inventory Workshop – Exercises in identifying all of the value elements, or benefits, your company or brand provides to help customers reduce costs, increase revenue, lower risk and strengthen their competitive stance. This workshop covers tangible benefits – e.g., labor, material and inventory cost savings – as well as intangible – e.g., innovation, morale and reputation.

Economic Value Analysis Workshop – The practical application of monetizing the value of your benefits to customers – estimating true value that guides you in pricing your products and services.

Price Sensitivity Workshop – Strategies to help your team identify and understand price sensitivity factors as they apply to products, markets and customers. This workshop will help you determine and negotiate the best price on each transaction.

Pocket Margin Waterfall Workshop – An exploration of potential price leaks – areas where you are losing margin due to unnecessary discounts, rebates, buying incentives, etc. (our list includes 25 potential problem areas). Your team will be able to identify areas where quick-hit margin improvements can be made without putting your sales volume at risk.

The next step in your pricing strategy training program – Pricing Analytics – offers you more insight into identifying quick pricing adjustment opportunities that can help improve your margins in a hurry!

"RBC Bearings, Inc. contracted Price Point Partners to facilitate three group seminars to focus on pricing practices.  The events gave each group of persons involved with our day to day management an environment enabling them to focus on their impact on our pricing practices.  Though the groups met individually we found each additional session to add further value as we shared summaries from the previous group meetings.  Many great topics were brought up for discussion and enabled the groups to find areas of improvement for the benefit of all our operating divisions.  The time and effort required to attend the seminars proved to be a true benefit as we were led through these sessions with well planned and executed activities provided by our seminar leaders."

Tom Crainer
Vice President and General Manager
RBC Bearings, Inc.