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Classroom Instruction

The Selling for Profit™ sales training program: Give your team the edge!

One day is all it takes to get your team on the road to a more profitable sales approach. Meshing classroom instruction and sales training workshops with sales tools they can use every day, Price Point Partners’ Selling for Profit™ complements your corporate sales training program by introducing your team to the power and process of value-based selling.

Training for salespeople who want to win

The pressure’s on when a sales rep is being challenged by a buyer who’s fixated on price. Nationally recognized sales training consultant and speaker Ralph Zuponcic has been in that situation himself many times. Ralph leads the Selling for Profit™ sales training program, and he demonstrates how program participants can move the conversation from price to value as they close the deal and solidify the relationship.

Your team will discover how to:

  • Define and recognize value
  • Identify what customers truly value
  • Assess your value inventory
  • Estimate your economic value
  • Communicate value – simply and effectively
  • Offer buyers a better way to compare suppliers
  • Gauge price sensitivity on a customer-by-customer basis and adjust prices accordingly
  • Negotiate and sell on value rather than price
  • Manage discounts to boost profitability (a meager 1% price improvement can have a tremendous impact on your company’s profitability – our pricing calculator can show what this could mean to your business)

With ample opportunity for questions and discussion, Price Point Partners’ Selling for Profit™ sessions offer participants the opportunity to share and work through their concerns and challenges, including their own specific client situations.

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