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Breakout Sessions

Hands-on opportunities to apply “value-based selling” training.

Once your sales reps know the facts about value-based selling, they’ll be eager to try out the strategies and techniques and perfect their delivery. Price Point Partners’ Selling for Profit™ sales training workshops offer them the opportunity to build their skills in selling value, apply their knowledge to real-world challenges and discuss potential solutions with small peer groups as well as Selling for Profit™ coach, creator and sales training speaker Ralph Zuponcic. These sessions will also provide hands-on instruction for using the Selling for Profit™ sales tools.

Every program attendee will have the opportunity to participate in these four sales training workshops:

  • Value Inventory Workshop – Exercises in identifying all of the value elements, or benefits, your company or brand provides to help customers save money, increase revenue, reduce risk and strengthen their competitive stance. This workshop covers tangible benefits – e.g., labor, material and inventory cost savings – as well as intangible – e.g., innovation, morale and reputation. Read more about how to identify your value inventory in our blog.
  • Understanding What Customers Value Workshop – A look into the psyche of buyers, with B2B sales training strategies for uncovering what they value, discussing value with them and asking qualifying questions to help determine the value your brand can bring to their unique situation.
  • Economic Value Workshop – The practical application of monetizing the value of your benefits to customers, comparing that value to the value your competitors offer and using the Economic Value Analysis tool to estimate true value in real-world situations.
  • Value Communication Workshop – A session in mastering the all-critical communication aspect of convincing the customer of your brand’s value, including effective use of the Value Communication tool in B2B sales training activities.

Re-energize your sales effort with this one-of-a-kind sales training program

The intensive workshops, classroom instruction and innovative sales tools of Selling for Profit™ add a whole new dimension to your sales effort. Speak to one of our pricing consultants today to discuss your team’s business to business sales training needs.