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Value-Based Pricing

Classroom Training lays the foundation for pricing training success.

As your team prepares to move to a value-based pricing culture, their first step is classroom instruction that equips them with the fundamentals: concepts that will help them understand why a value-based approach offers the strongest long-term profit potential, plus the strategies and tactics they’ll need to make the most of value-based pricing.

Led by nationally recognized value-based pricing expert Ralph Zuponcic, this focused pricing strategy training will help your team understand:

  • What value-based pricing is
  • The impact of pricing on profit margins
  • How to use economic value analysis to guide pricing decisions
  • How to gauge price sensitivity at the product and customer level
  • Frameworks for managing value-based pricing strategies
  • How to perform a pocket price waterfall to identify pricing leaks in your business
  • How to use value-based sales negotiations to make prices stick
  • How to price new products
  • Guidelines for value-based pricing strategies

This session offers ample opportunity for Q&A as well as discussion of the specific pricing challenges your company faces. Your team will emerge with a solid understanding of strategic pricing and the benefits it offers your organization.

After mastering the fundamentals, your team will be prepared to advance to the next steps in pricing strategy training: Pricing Training Workshops and Pricing Analytics.

“Price is our only method to capture the value we deliver.  Price Point Partners showed us the way to better understand the true value we deliver and how to capture it!"   

Mark A. Trushel
Mantaline Corporation