Are you leaving money on the table?

30% of all products are underpriced

Price Optimization

Improve Profitability Up to 3 Margin Points

If you suspect that some of your products are underpriced, you’re probably right. When managers come to us for an analysis of their pricing, we typically find that as much as 30% of their products should be commanding a higher price. Excessive discounting and inconsistent pricing practices destroy profitability. PricePoint Partners identifies and corrects underpriced business with surgical precision and captures lost profits as much as 1.5 to 3.0 margin points. And, with no loss in sales.

Wrangle in your pricesWrangle in your prices

Where’s the Opportunity?

The key is identifying which products and transactions are underpriced. Are they with certain customers, markets, regions or items? And what are they costing you in lost profits? Once we’ve pinpointed the prices with the potential for improvement, we can help you chart a course for regaining control of those profits.

Find Opportunities to Increase PricesFind Opportunities to Increase Prices


It was easy for a CFO like myself to buy into PricePoint Partners' pricing model.”

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Ronald J. Ryan
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer (Retired)
Haemonetics Corporation

What Are the Challenges?

The more complex your pricing environment, the tougher it is to get your pricing right across all product lines. For example, if you’re a manufacturer or distributor selling 500 products to 500 customers in 5 different markets, you could have as many as 1.25 million price points. Do you have the structure to ensure all of those prices are right?

If your sales team has the authority to adjust prices, their judgment calls make your pricing even more inconsistent. You may have some prices on the high end, but others are undoubtedly on the low end, and those low-priced transactions leak profits. If you lack the tools and process to address this situation, you are leaving money on the table.

What are your pricing challenges?What are your pricing challenges?

Client Success Story

Increase operating profit by 20%
Your invoice data tells us what we need to know.

Distributor Nets $1.6 Million. Here’s How…

A $600 million distributor to convenience stores was on the verge of losing money. Lack of pricing controls caused excessive discounting and lost profits. Invoice data was analyzed to identify and correct underpriced business. Specific transactions were targeted for price adjustments. The result was an increase of $1.6 million in profits with no loss in customers.

Convenience store distributor Increased operating profit by 20% Y

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