How would your business benefit from selling value rather than price?

Stop being a commodity. Learn to identify, understand and sell your value.

Selling on Value

Standing Up to Price Pressure

A lot of companies would like to sell on value because they recognize this approach can lead to profit improvement, more closed deals, less discounting and a sales team united around a message they genuinely believe in. But selling on value requires a change in mindset for your team and your customers if you face any of these common hurdles:

Hurdle #1

Buyers are pushing your sales team to view your product as a commodity

Absent a strong value proposition, your sales reps may be caving to this tactic, offering unnecessary discounts and reducing profitability.

Buyers are pushing your sales team to view your product as a commodity.

Hurdle #2

Your sales team doesn’t fully grasp the value of your products and/or services.

In particular, they aren’t communicating the economic value — i.e., how buying your product helps your customers reduce costs, increase revenue or reduce risk.

Your Sales Team Doesn’t Fully Grasp the Value of Your Products and Services

Hurdle #3

Your competitors are selling on price

When your competition uses price to close deals, it’s tempting to drop your price. Someone will always sell at a lower price. Understanding and selling your value creates a competitive advantage and protects your price. And, it protects your customers from buying from cheap competitors.

Your Competitors are Selling on Price

Unless you can stand up to these challenges, your company can suffer lost sales, lower profits, and a frustrated sales team

Client Success Story

How to break away from being a commodity.

Your sales team holds the key.

Here’s why …

Sustainable Change Is Within Your Reach

Here’s how you can create a competitive advantage. By using our Selling for Profit™ program, you shift your organization to focus on value. We work beside your team to not only educate, but also ensure a sustainable cultural change throughout your company.

  • Discover the value that differentiates you and makes you competitive
  • See how customers compare your value to your competitors
  • Understand the economics that drive your value
  • Use powerful tools to help sell your economic value
  • Communicate your value and defend your price
  • Align incentives to reach goals


It was a great investment that paid multiples in profitability.”

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