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Acuity Analytics: Capture Profit Improvement Through Business Analytics Software

There was a time when analyzing your profit margins meant sifting through mountains of data and spending countless hours making sense of it all. Today, Price Point Partners’ Acuity Analytics provides valuable business intelligence — analysis, answers and actionable insights — quickly and reliably, to help you improve your margins and overall financial performance.


Identify low-margin customer and product combinations. See price recommendations and take action to improve profit margins.

From Data to Intelligence to Action™

Acuity Analytics is cloud-based business analytics software that searches through your transactional data to identify gross profit improvement opportunities. The business intelligence it provides empowers you to make sound, timely decisions and develop an implementation plan focused on maximizing your margins.

Acuity Analytics arms you with tools to do all of this and more:

  • Capture margin improvement using a scientific, data-driven approach
  • Identify and capture low-risk price improvement opportunities and know where to hold on pricing
  • Identify which sales reps are contributing positively to profit margins and which ones need redirection or support
  • Quickly identify product and customer combinations that are detracting from margins, and take corrective action
  • Take preemptive price-setting actions

Wide variance in prices within a specific pricing segment indicates a lack of pricing structure. Low risk profit improvement opportunities exist in moving low priced small accounts upward toward peers.

Actionable Insights into the Forces Driving Your Margins

Spreadsheets are simply not adequate for analyzing the broad range of drivers that impact your margins. Acuity Analytics looks at price, cost, product mix, customer mix, volume, price elasticity and more. You will see where the areas of greatest opportunity lie and how you can capitalize on them.

Insights in Hours – Plus Support When You Need It

Since there’s no need for time-consuming software installations and integration, you can get up and running with Acuity Analytics in a matter of hours, and start gaining new insights into your profit margin performance right away.

To make it even easier, Price Point Partners offers you the option of tapping into the expertise of our consulting team as you strive toward maximizing your profit improvement. Our margin experts:

  • Meet with your team to discuss the most actionable margin improvement opportunities
  • Create an execution plan that enables you to realize margin lift
  • Provide expert guidance in revenue management, pricing strategy and sales implementation
  • Provide reporting and accountability

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