Why Competitor Price Intelligence Doesn’t Matter

Knowing your competitors pricing may seem like the holy grail of competitive intelligence. But, for manufacturers it is often a panacea.

3 Critical Factors When Increasing Prices

Increasing prices can be filled with uncertainty. Three factors can help ensure a successful price increase initiative.

How B2B Sales is Changing in 2020

The current business environment impacted by the coronavirus has created significant challenges for B2B sales teams. We interviewed sales leaders to understand how their teams are being affected and what steps are being taken to address these issues. Telephone interviews were conducted with 10 sales leaders, or business leaders with clear visibility to sales operations. […]

How Everyday Freight Decisions Can Reduce Margins

Getting control of profitability starts with reducing the leaks that cause lost margins. One of the most overlooked leaks involves outbound freight. Here’s why.

Drill Down Into Your Organization to Boost Profits. Here’s How…

If you’re a manufacturing company you think about reducing costs to improve profits. If you’re a distributor you focus on customer profitability. And, if you are a service organization you may target customer lifetime value. But, there is another level to enhancing profits when you get more of your organization participating. It starts with visibility. […]

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