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Acuity Analytics™ is a powerful cloud-based pricing tool to drive revenue and margin performance. Use your company’s data to drive easy-to-use analytics that deliver new insights to revenue and margin enhancement. Identify revenue and margin leakage. Measure price, cost, mix and volume with confidence. Or, find hidden sales growth opportunities.

Easy to Use

No hardware or setup time is required. Tools can be easily shared throughout the organization with appropriate approvals and controls. Start with a few users and add as many as you need, when you need them.

Acuity analytics helps you see what’s driving profits

Better Price Decisions

Pricing tools help your team make better pricing decisions. With the click of a mouse, access the pricing dashboard to compare prices across similar customers. Instantly see target price ranges. Support pricing strategies with real data analyses using the industry’s best pricing tools. Get instant price targets for every sale and take the guesswork out of pricing.

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You can have better control of your pricing.

Your invoice data holds the key.

Here’s how…

Margin Enhancement Tools

Margin enhancement tools show you where margins are leaking so you can take corrective action. Get granular with customer, item or market segment analysis in an instant. Isolate and measure price, cost, mix and volume and their impact on margins. Explain margin results with confidence.

Acuity analytics helps you identify cost/price profit leaks

Sales Growth Tools

Sales growth tools help execute sales strategies more effectively. Guide to your sales team with real growth opportunities. See hidden sales opportunities at existing accounts and expand wallet share. And, protect your existing business with the sales churn analysis to see which accounts are about to defect.

Acuity analytics helps you uncover strategic pricing opportunities


The PricePoint program made percentage point gains in net income generating seven figure improvements in the bottom line.”

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Jon Fox
Director of Sales

Acuity Analytics

Acuity Analytics is fast and easy. All analytics are installed and ready to use. No need to create charts and graphs. We’ve already done the hard work for you. Compare results across any time period. Drill down to line-item levels to identify root causes. Get the reporting you need instantly. Update reports with the click of a mouse. No more waiting for IT to create new reports.

Acuity analytics helps you measure price increase performance

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