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Sustained Profitability Requires Deep Insight

When you have a clear view of the factors driving your profitability — PRICE, COST, MIX and VOLUME — and reliable reporting of what’s taking place in your business, you can get control over your profitability with greater confidence. Acuity Analytics by PricePoint Partners helps by creating easy-to-read graphs that offer quick insights into your profitability. How are profit drivers affecting your financial performance? Where are your margins falling short? Where are profits leaking? How are customers responding to your latest price increase? Where are there opportunities to improve profitability? You can identify your strengths and areas of opportunity, and make corrections as you go, to ensure you’re maintaining consistently high margins and profitability.

Acuity Analytics Helps You

See What’s Driving Profits

Gain visibility into PRICE, COST, MIX and VOLUME — See where pricing discounts are impacting customer and item profitability Evaluate whether item pricing is keeping pace with cost changes Finally know — with confidence — how much mix is affecting profits See how volume is affecting profits Understand what is causing profit levels to change over time

Acuity analytics helps you see what’s driving profits

Acuity Analytics Software-as-a-Service Helps You

Gauge Profitability by Customer, Product Group, Market, Item and Sales Region/Rep

  • Drill down at the speed of a click to see profitability even at the line item level
  • See which customers are below margin targets
  • Identify low and negative margin transactions
  • Increase profitability through rich data insights

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You can have better control of your pricing.

Your invoice data holds the key.

Here’s how…

Acuity Analytics Helps You

Identify Cost/Price Profit Leaks

  • Easily index cost to price and stop cost-driven margin loss
  • Pinpoint items that are draining profits
  • Quickly take corrective actions
Acuity analytics helps you identify cost/price profit leaks

Acuity Analytics Helps You

Uncover Strategic Pricing Opportunities

  • See which customers are at risk due to overpricing
  • Identify customers who will accept higher prices
  • Increase prices without losing customers
Acuity analytics helps you uncover strategic pricing opportunities


The PricePoint program made percentage point gains in net income generating seven figure improvements in the bottom line.”

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Jon Fox
Director of Sales

Acuity Analytics Helps You

Measure Price Increase Performance

  • Know — with certainty — the results of your price increase initiative
  • See which sales regions and customers are under-performing, and make timely corrections
  • Get accurate and timely reporting
Acuity analytics helps you measure price increase performance

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