Afraid of increasing prices but know you need to?

Get More With Your Next Price Increase - Without Losing Customers

Price Increases

Gain Control and Confidence

No matter how long it’s been since your last price increase, a pragmatic approach can overcome all your concerns:

  • How will you increase prices without losing customers?
  • How can you get the profit improvement you want/need?
  • How can you instill enough confidence in your sales team to not only sell the increase but defend it?
Gain control and ConfidenceGain control and Confidence in your Pricing

Know what your competitors are doing

Learn how to engage your sales team to gather information about your competitors’ price increase strategies. How much are they increasing prices? How often? Benchmarking helps you determine the acceptable range for your own price increases.

Know what your competitors are doingKnow what your competitors are doing

Zero in on Your Ideal Price Increase

Determining your ideal price increase can be tough, but PricePoint Partners uses a proven formula to help you get it right — an increase that’s fair to you and to your customers.

Zero in on your ideal price increase

Client Success Story

Here’s how we added $3 million in profit in 12 months.

Your sales organization holds the key.

Here’s why…

Communicate Your Increase

You know what you need to convey, but how do you say it? We’ll provide all the tools you need to communicate your price increase, and the value of your products and services. We’ll also arm your team with ammunition for defending the price increase with difficult buyers.

Communicate your price increases

Build Your Sales Team’s Confidence

For more in-depth sales support, PricePoint Partners educates and coaches your sales managers and representatives through training programs that help them:

  • Buy in to the price increase initiative
  • Understand and communicate your brand’s value
  • Negotiate to get your price with even your most challenging customers
Build your sales team’s confidenceBuild your sales team's confidence


What started out with doubts and reservations resulted in a charged up and confident sales team.”

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Robert Kramer
V.P. of Sales & Marketing
Lohmann Corporation & Subsidiaries

Stay in control

PricePoint Partners’ proprietary business analytics tools provide easy-to-read charts to help you see what’s working and what’s not. View results by customer, product group, item, market segment, sales region and sales representative. Being able to quickly spot problems enables you to make corrections as you go.

Stay in Control of your Pricing

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