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Increase Prices Without Fear

A Proven Approach to Price Increases

Price increases occur every day but can make you feel uneasy when it’s your turn.  Will we lose customers?  How do we defend the increase? Which accounts get exceptions? It doesn’t have to be this way. The right approach will make the increase go smoothly and maximize results.

Graphic depicting pricing consultantsGain control and Confidence in your Pricing

Price Increase Strategies

Our pricing experts help leading companies create price increase strategies that deliver results. We help your team execute all the aspects of an increase from determining price increase amounts to measuring the increase results. Our planning checklist keeps programs on track and identifies where reinforcement is needed to ensure price increase goals are realized. Workflows guide team members every step of the way.

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Powerful Pricing Tools

Our Acuity Analytics™ pricing tools analyze your invoice data to precisely determine which products and accounts can support a price increase and exactly how much. Take the guesswork out of prices and get definitive answers to your pricing questions. These easy-to-use tools make spreadsheets obsolete. Measure price increase results down to the most granular level and see where prices are falling short. Isolate items, customers, sales reps and markets to see where additional support is necessary while on the fly. Easily make program corrections as needed.

Zero in on your ideal price increase

Client Success Story

Here’s how we added $3 million in profit in 12 months.

Your sales organization holds the key.

Here’s why…

Price Increase Training

Getting your sales team on-board for a price increase is key to successful implementation. Many price increases fall short of planned goals due to push-back from buyers. Our pricing consultants train and coach your sales team to defend price increases in the field. Communication points and negotiation strategies give your team the confidence to make price increases stick.

Communicate your price increases

Price Increase Communications

We provide all the necessary messaging to communicate the price increase in the marketplace. Equip your team with verbal communication points, announcement letters, marketing materials and data to support the price increase. Get consistent messaging across your organization and the marketplace.

Build your sales team’s confidenceBuild your sales team's confidence


What started out with doubts and reservations resulted in a charged up and confident sales team.”

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Robert Kramer
V.P. of Sales & Marketing
Lohmann Corporation & Subsidiaries

Stay in control

Acuity Analytics pricing tools help you stay in control over the long term. Use our pricing dashboard to see the impact that pricing changes make to margins over any time period. See which customers are getting low prices and compare prices across similar customers. Equip your pricing decision makers with the visibility to global pricing with just the click of a mouse. And, isolate product and customer mix to see how they are impacting margins. You may be surprised at what you find.

Stay in Control of your Pricing

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