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Manufacturing companies and wholesale distributors operate in highly complex pricing environments that create barriers to realizing the revenue and margins that these firms truly deserve. Thousands of items sold to a large number of customers in numerous markets can result in millions of transactional price decisions. It is virtually impossible to effectively optimize prices without the aid of a pricing engine. Spreadsheets are insufficient.

Don’t Fall Short with Price Optimization Software

Optimizing prices requires effective application of skills and tools beyond just pricing software. Price optimization software delivers the guidance necessary for optimal prices but the implementation and measurement of price performance are critical success factors that, when insufficiently managed, cause price setting programs to fail. Insuring optimization success requires three critical elements that include pricing science, successful implementation programs and price performance measurement.

Wrangle in your pricesWrangle in your prices

An Edge-to-Edge Pricing Approach

Start with our QuotePro Pricing Engine software. QuotePro Pricing Engine uses your company’s invoice data to scientifically identify prices that lie outside of the optimal price range and makes practical price recommendations that can easily be executed by your sales team. No need to install expensive software. QuotePro delivers an optimized price file ready to be loaded into your system.

Implementation through your customer facing teams will make or break your price optimization initiative. Don’t put your program at risk due to weak implementation. Selling for Profit™ is a sales-based pricing execution program that gives your team the skills and confidence to address pricing challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. Get your team on board quickly with a positive pricing culture that delivers measurable results.

Know your price performance score. Is your pricing initiative generating the gains you expected or is it falling short? Our Acuity Analytics tool will show you the results of your price optimization program and the impact on profit margins. No more guessing or assumptions about program results. Dig deep into the data and see how items, customers, sales reps and product categories are performing.

Find Opportunities to Increase PricesFind Opportunities to Increase Prices


It was easy for a CFO like myself to buy into PricePoint Partners' pricing model.”

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Ronald J. Ryan
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer (Retired)
Haemonetics Corporation

We're Committed to Measurable Results

Our goal for every price optimization initiative is to deliver sustainable price and margin improvement. PricePoint Partners clients typically see gains of 1.5-3 margin points and a healthy return on their investment.

Hold us accountable. We’ll deliver results.

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Client Success Story

Increase operating profit by 20%
Your invoice data tells us what we need to do.

Distributor Nets $1.6 Million. Here’s How…

A $600 million distributor to convenience stores was on the verge of losing money. Lack of pricing controls caused excessive discounting and lost profits. Invoice data was analyzed to identify and correct underpriced business. Specific transactions were targeted for price adjustments. The result was an increase of $1.6 million in profits with no loss in customers.

Convenience store distributor Increased operating profit by 20% Y

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