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Ralph Zuponcic

Ralph Zuponcic

President, PricePoint Partners

PricePoint Partners founder Ralph Zuponcic is an industry leading price expert. He shares his extensive experience in pricing management consulting with companies in a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, industrial equipment, medical devices and disposables, specialty industrial tapes and adhesives, medical software, rubber and polymer products, ceramic materials and automotive supplies. His expertise in managing pricing initiatives delivers outstanding results to Fortune-listed companies and midsize organizations as well as emerging firms.

As a leading price expert, Ralph uncovered the need for pricing management during his early career, when he spent a significant number of years in the field selling and in various sales and marketing management positions. During his 15 years with equipment manufacturer Nordson Corporation, he advanced from sales representative to director of sales and marketing of a new business unit, a position in which he not only managed the sales team but also created the process for his team to sell the company’s new technology.

Ralph served as director of business development for global consumer packaging company Rexam, and went on to consult with a variety of corporations to help them better manage their pricing initiatives and sales programs. On several occasions, Ralph served as interim vice president of sales for companies looking to strengthen their sales processes and results.

Now a national authority on strategic pricing, Ralph is a frequent guest lecturer at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, and he has spoken about strategic pricing management at major universities, associations and companies across the country. He has also been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business, CFO Magazine and Marketing News.

Ralph serves on the board of directors of Blossom Hill, a nonprofit Cleveland-based organization that provides homes and care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Dick Sobel

Dick Sobel

Managing Director

Dick Sobel is a PricePoint Partners price expert and leads the firm’s pricing analytics. His achievements in industrial and manufacturing environments span more than 30 years, as he has led initiatives in global marketing, pricing, strategic planning and business management.

As a pricing consultant with almost 20 years of direct pricing experience, Dick is a price expert in pricing analysis, price optimization, price realization and pricing strategy consulting He has directed Stage-Gate® new-product development programs, value and conjoint-based pricing engagements, and has developed closed-loop pricing systems incorporating plan and control P&L scenarios. His pricing experience includes capital equipment, electronics, industrial manufacturing and instrumentation to the process and manufacturing industries.

Dick’s distinguished career at Emerson Process Management, a business unit of Emerson, included senior leadership positions in pricing, global marketing, S&OP facilitation, product marketing, finance and cross-functional efforts. He was an early proponent of pricing strategy within the Emerson group of companies, where he developed, presented and implemented three to five year pricing plans that achieved significant price realization and profit improvement.

Dick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and engineering from the City University of New York and has completed a broad range of advanced corporate business programs in finance, marketing and general management.

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