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Sales and Pricing Tools

High-performance sales tools make value-based selling easier every day.

What good is onsite sales training if it’s forgotten three weeks down the road? That won’t happen with Selling for Profit™, because sales training consultant Ralph Zuponcic provides participants with easy-to-use tools that help them apply the value-based selling approach long after the classroom instruction and B2B sales training workshops end.

Each of these three tools was designed to help your salespeople leverage the full value of your brand as they meet with buyers. They help your team stay focused on value and offer quantitative support to their discussions. If you’d like, once your sales training has been completed, we can customize these tools so that they accommodate the specialized informational needs of your business.

Here are the tools your team takes home following their “value based selling” training:

  • Economic Value Analyzer – This tool helps the sales rep monetize the value of your brand by calculating the economic value for every selling situation. It provides consistency across your sales organization in quantifying value as it recommends an appropriate price range for the specific customer and product.
  • Price Sensitivity Evaluator – Once the valuation has been completed, the salesperson needs to determine the ideal price – the price at which he or she closes the sale while still making the maximum possible profit. This tool removes the guesswork by generating a Price Sensitivity Analysis Score that helps the rep know whether to hold on price or adjust it up or down to ensure success.
  • Value Communicator – Designed to support conversation focused on value rather than price, this tool summarizes your value elements into a straightforward, easy-to-understand sheet. It compares your value to that of the customer’s next best alternative so that the buyer can see at the glance the advantages of buying your product.

Onsite B2B sales training, innovative sales tools – your team can’t miss!

Backed by the class sessions and workshops, Selling for Profit’s specialized sales tools ensure that your sales team will start selling a whole new way – a profitable, watch-your-numbers-soar kind of way. Contact Price Point Partners today for more information.

Additional Tools: