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Pricing Strategies for Manufacturers

Price Point Partners has been helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries gain insight into their pricing challenges and opportunities since 1998.

Made-to-stock manufacturers are frequently challenged with extensive product offerings, uncertain cost accounting systems or legacy pricing structures that prevent them from capturing full value in the form of prices.

Made-to-order manufacturers face their own unique challenges: ever-changing products and the challenge of accurately estimating fair market value in a timely manner.

It’s no wonder 63% of all manufacturers continue to use a cost-plus pricing strategy. Requiring almost no thought, it’s a quick, easy-to-apply solution. But a cost-plus approach leaves money on the table, while a value-based approach maximizes your profitability.

No matter what the manufacturing environment, well-proven pricing strategies that support value can be applied successfully. To see for yourself, visit our manufacturer price strategy case studies and learn how Price Point Partners helped these firms leverage price to improve their financial performance dramatically.

Manufacturer Price Strategy Case Studies