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Price Optimization

Price Optimization Software Makes Price-Setting Easy

Manufacturing companies and wholesale distributors operate in highly complex pricing environments that create barriers to realizing the revenue and margins these firms truly deserve. Thousands of items sold to a large number of customers in numerous markets can result in potentially millions of transactional price decisions. It is virtually impossible to optimize prices without the aid of pricing engine software and related processes.

The 3 Elements of Success

Price optimization software, which delivers price-setting guidance, is only the start of your successful pricing optimization program. Implementation and price performance measurement are critical, too.  PricePoint Partners provides all three of these vital components: the pricing science, a successful implementation program and price performance measurement.

  • Pricing Science: QuotePro Pricing Engine™ software uses transactional pricing data from your sales invoices to scientifically identify prices that lie outside of the optimal range, and makes practical price-setting recommendations. No need to install expensive software: QuotePro delivers an optimized price file ready to be loaded into your system.
  • Implementation Program: Your sales team’s ability to deliver and defend your optimized pricing will make or break your price optimization initiative. Selling for Profit™ provides training, coaching and tools to equip your sales team with the skills and confidence they need to address pricing challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Price Performance Measurement: Is your pricing initiative generating the gains you expected? The Acuity Margin Management™ tool will show you the results of your price optimization program and the impact on profit margins. No more guessing or assumptions about program results: Dig deep into the data and see how items, customers, sales reps and product categories are performing.

Hold us accountable. We’ll deliver results.

Our goal for every price optimization initiative is to deliver measurable, sustainable price and margin improvement. PricePoint Partners clients typically see gains of 2-4 margin points and a healthy return on their investment.

Ask about our preliminary analysis on your business that will pinpoint the price and margin improvement you can expect from a PricePoint Partners pricing optimization program.