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Value Communicator

Value Communicator shares the compelling truth.

Everything your sales reps learn through the Selling for Profit™ sales training program leads to the moment of truth when they are face-to-face with the customer. Price Point Partners’ Value Communicator (VC) makes that moment a meaningful and convincing one.

In short, the VC summarizes all of your value elements in an easy-to-read sheet that clearly differentiates your offering from those of your competitors. Supported by the salesperson’s explanation, this sheet is a compelling testament to the power of value. Your customers will be eager to move from a price discussion to a value discussion as they realize how important your value elements are to their financial success.

The VC is automatically loaded with your economic value, and each presentation can be customized for its specific audience.

The Value Communicator works best when used in conjunction with the Economic Value Analyzer and Price Sensitivity Evaluator, which are both included as part of the Selling for Profit™ “value based selling” training.

Enjoy a no-obligation 30-minute consultation in pricing strategies and value based sales training:

Talk with Price Point Partners’ price expert and sales training consultant, Ralph Zuponcic, about your goals for the coming year and beyond. He’ll help you determine whether a value-based pricing strategy is right for your business.