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Sales Training Speakers

Ralph Zuponcic

Ralph Zuponcic is passionate about value-based selling because he’s had a long, successful career in sales, thanks in large part to embracing the concept of selling on value rather than price. Ralph started in field sales with world-leading equipment manufacturer Nordson Corporation, where he sold to major manufacturing companies. His territory became so profitable that he was promoted to director of sales and marketing of a new business unit and charged with not only managing the sales team but also creating sales processes.

After 15 successful years at Nordson, Ralph took on business development roles with global consumer packaging company Rexam and then a subsidiary of BF Goodrich. He also served as a consultant with various corporations needing sales team management support, in several cases acting as interim vice president of sales. In each of these roles, Ralph was responsible for building new sales teams or reengineering and revitalizing teams that had lost their momentum. Time and again, he breathed new life into these sales organizations, setting them onto a high-growth path based on sustainable, repeatable, revenue-generating behaviors grounded in value.

Today, Ralph brings his value-based expertise to businesses of all sizes nationwide as a sales training speaker and pricing management consultant. He has advised companies in a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, industrial equipment, medical devices and disposables, specialty industrial tapes and adhesives, medical software, rubber and polymer products, ceramic materials and automotive supplies. Ralph teaches sales and executive teams how to negotiate effectively with price-focused buyers and fully understand the role of sales in optimizing prices.

A national authority on value-based pricing strategies, Ralph is a frequent guest lecturer at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, and he has spoken about strategic pricing management at major universities, associations and companies across the country. He has also been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, Fortune Small Business, CFO Magazine and Marketing News.

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