Best Sales Skills to Drive Value

We are often asked by managers about how to improve sales effectiveness to drive revenue and margin.

The answer is simple.

Teach your sales team how to recognize and sell your value.

Value based selling pays huge dividends. Nearly every company delivers benefits that create economic gains for customers. But, few truly recognize these benefits and fewer actually communicate them. When effectively applied, value economic selling closes more deals and captures higher prices. Both generate more profit. Sales professionals aren’t just for driving top-line sales anymore but, rather, can make meaningful impact to profitability just by the way they sell.

Sell Your Value and Get Your Competitive Advantage

So, how do you get sales teams to recognize and sell your value?

That’s simple, too. Engage your team in training programs that install practical value selling skills. Sound programs contain three critical features.

  • Value Recognition – Create a value inventory that identifies quantifiable value. Measurable value is what buyers want to see and not just a list of features. You have tremendous value that may not be communicated effectively.
  • Value Economics – Help buyers make better buying decisions by providing the economics to support purchases. How does your offering deliver more value than the next best alternative?
  • Value Communications – Don’t be the best kept secret in your industry. Communicating your value is absolutely key to closing more deals and capturing more margins. Too often, we rush past our value in effort to close the deal.

If you are searching for ways to give your sales teams a boost for 2019, consider value sales training. PricePoint Partners offers Selling for Profit, an on-site training and coaching program that teaches sales teams how to effectively sell on value and defend prices. We deliver several of these programs every year and have many clients return for continued training. As you prepare for a new year consider value selling to help create a competitive advantage in your industry.

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