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Price Sensitivity Evaluator

Price Sensitivity Analysis helps determine optimal pricing.

If your sales team is empowered to make decisions on pricing and discounting, the Price Sensitivity Evaluator (PSE) offers them outstanding guidance in determining prices that will help them close the deal while making each transaction as profitable as possible. The Selling for Profit™ business to business sales training program lays the groundwork for asking each customer the right questions; then the PSE crunches their answers to provide a Price Sensitivity Analysis Score, a reliable indicator of the customer’s likelihood to accept a price premium or require a price discount.

The PSE was developed based on a number of price sensitivity factors – customer size, order habits, service level requirements, etc. – identified by Price Point Partners. These factors are assembled by the PSE to reveal whether the customer is highly sensitive to pricing, in which case a discount may be necessary to close the sale, or not very price sensitive, in which case applying a price premium might be advisable.

The PSE will help build confidence in your sales team as it helps them set optimal prices for every sale and ultimately close more sales while capturing stronger profit margins.

The Price Sensitivity Evaluator works best when used in conjunction with the Economic Value Analyzer and Value Communicator, which are both included as part of the Selling for Profit™ “value-based selling”  business to business sales training.

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