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Economic Value Analyzer

Economic Value Analyzer calculates the value of your offering.

Business to business sales training should always include tools to support the sales team in the field. The Economic Value Analyzer (EVA) is one of three tools to help your sales team succeed once they’ve completed the business to business onsite sales training.

Price Point Partners designed the EVA to support one of the critical first steps in effective value-based selling: quantifying the value of your offering so that your customer can see the measurable benefits of doing business with your company. The EVA can position your company far above competitors by providing proof that buying from you will have a superior financial impact on the customer’s organization.

The Selling for Profit™ business to business sales training program teaches your team how to identify each of your value components; the EVA helps them monetize these elements to reveal areas of differentiation and calculate the total cost advantage. The tool also calculates the recommended price range per unit and helps the salesperson determine if a discount is necessary to close the sale or if the deal can sustain a price premium to boost profit margins.

The EVA works best when used in conjunction with the Price Sensitivity Evaluator and Value Communicator, which are both included as part of the Selling for Profit™ business to business sales training program.

Enjoy a free 30-minute consultation with Price Point Partners’ Ralph Zuponcic to see what “value based selling” training could mean to your bottom line.