Free Guide: Value Based Selling

At PricePoint Partners, our pricing experts see a growing trend of buyers pushing value aside in negotiations, and prices being discounted in order to make the sale, or keep the customer.  Unfortunately, the profit margins for the seller suffer substantially in this process. Our pricing consultants estimate that unnecessary price discounts, starting at the sales […]

Pricing Strategy: Small Customers Represent Big Profit Improvement

Why Small Customers Are a Goldmine of Margin Opportunity So you’ve decided to take a look at your pricing strategy, conduct a price analysis and start searching for targets to improve your margins through pricing.  Sounds like a great idea, but where do you start? Our pricing experts typically discover that most manufacturing and distribution […]

Seven Key Questions to Uncovering Economic Value

In the process of developing a value based pricing strategy, we first must understand what the customer perceives as value. Every buyer and every company is different. Even though you may be selling identical products or services to similar companies in identical markets, each has a different spin on what they value. The key is […]

Pricing Strategy: 5 Price Resistance Guidelines

How often do you experience price resistance from buyers in your business? In some businesses, this is a daily occurrence.  When buyers push back on price there may be any number of factors that are driving their behavior including incentives, competition and personal bargaining needs. How we react to price resistance says a lot about […]

Think You Have the Right Price? Think B2B Price Optimization

The majority of manufacturers and distributors use a cost-plus approach to pricing their products. In fact, McKinsey & Company research shows that over 63% of all manufacturers are still using a cost-plus pricing strategy. Unfortunately, while cost-plus is relatively easy to apply it tends to either leave money on the table or discourage sales by […]

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