Using a Price Sensitivity Analysis with Your Pricing Strategy

Most manufacturers and distributors are accustomed to applying prices to products, especially if they are made-to-stock items. However, if you are not factoring the price sensitivity of each customer at the time of the transaction, you are likely leaving money on the table and losing sales. Every customer is different, even if they are in […]

Discover 5 Ways to Lift Your Profit Margins

When you want to improve the profitability of your business, where do you look first? Cost reductions or increased sales? Consider Pricing! Pricing has power far beyond any other lever to boost your profitability. Join PricePoint Partners Managing Partner Ralph Zuponcic in exploring 5 Ways to Lift Your Profit Margins through Strategic Pricing on Wednesday, […]

Are You Getting Your Pricing Right or Leaving Money on the Table?

We can’t blame the economy forever. Yes, purse strings are tight. And yes, raw materials are growing increasingly expensive. But your hands aren’t completely tied. Many manufacturers are finding that modifying their pricing structure is helping them ring up near-record revenues and profits in spite of economic and market challenges.   Their approach? Strategic, or […]

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