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Don’t Try to Do Too Much, Too Fast

Pricing is big and complex. But when you break it down into manageable pieces, you can implement a series of improvements designed to spark short-term results and lead to long-term success.

Start by identifying your main pricing challenge. Which of these describes your current pricing situation?


Your pricing is too complex.

You’re working with a legacy pricing model that has, over time, evolved to be unwieldy and inefficient.

Your pricing is too complex.


Your pricing is too simple.

Simple may have worked when your business was smaller or the market was less competitive. But things have changed, and your simple approach isn’t keeping up with market complexities.

Your pricing is too simple

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You can make your pricing simple.

Consistency is the key.

Here’s why…


Your pricing is out of control.

Your legacy pricing model has become difficult to manage. With too many discount schedules, too many pricing exceptions and too many people with their hands in the process, your pricing just isn’t working.

Your pricing is out of control.


You can’t measure pricing performance with confidence.

Your prices change regularly, but you’re unsure how these changes are affecting performance. What is their impact on profits? What is the impact of price discounts on margins? Which sales reps are unnecessarily using price discounts as a sales tool? Which customers are getting prices that are far too low? Are factors beyond price — mix, cost or volume — playing a role, too?

You can’t measure pricing performance with confidence.


They educated and guided us through a pricing process that generated a significant lift in profits.”

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Lori Northrup
Stride Tool Inc.

Implement Strategic Solutions

PricePoint Partners helps you sort through your pricing and focus on the critical issues that get in the way of doing business. We will help you:

  • Create a plan that simplifies and streamlines your pricing methodologies, structures and administrative processes
  • Develop a new pricing strategy that aligns your organization to embrace pricing for profitability
  • Provide pricing performance visibility and accountability so you can see where your pricing is and isn’t working
  • Fix prices that cause profit leaks
  • Move from a cost-plus pricing approach to a value- or market-based approach

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