Small Data Delivers Big Profit

Big data has received a lot of attention in the last several years. The idea is that large amounts of data are analyzed to deliver insights that drive business improvement. In many cases, analysis of big data has delivered insights that lead to better business decisions. But, what if you simply don’t have “big data” […]

4 Indicators Your Business is Leaking Profits

Managing a business for maximum profit is no easy task. A wide range of profit drivers can change margins in an instant. And, profit leaks can drain margins faster than you can grow revenue. Your ability to control these factors determines your company’s financial success and its future. So, are you in control of profitability? […]

Most Companies Don’t Have Control Over Profitability. Here’s Why…

Most companies are flying blindfolded when it comes to controlling profitability. It’s not that they can’t measure profit margins. They know how the business is performing in terms of overall profit. They just don’t have visibility to the drivers that determine profitability. Profit is an outcome of a number of drivers that are constantly changing. Unless […]

Turn Your Sales Team Into a Profit Engine

Sales operations have historically been tasked with driving top line results. Today, the very best sales teams are boosting profitability and company value too.  Front line teams have access to the highest leveraged drivers to impact profit margins throughout their daily activities. Improving awareness of these drivers and their impact on margins alone can deliver […]

How Leading Sales Teams Drive Profitability

Sales teams have historically been tasked with driving top line revenue to fuel growth and market expansion. They have within their control several strategic levers to affect sales outcomes. Among them are value propositions, product selection, pricing, selling strategies and negotiation tactics. Sales performance hinges on the effective execution of these levers. Companies invest heavily […]

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