Protect Your Pricing

We just heard from one of our clients about a price negotiation that shocked their largest customer.  I want to share the story with you. First, some background. We delivered a price and value negotiations training program to a rubber industry client less than two years ago. They learned how to defend and protect their […]

Stop Managing Your Margins and Watch Your Profitability Soar

Driving profitability improvement throughout an organization can be achieved in a variety of ways. Any number or combination of profit drivers can be leveraged to improve financial performance. However, all too often we see companies focused on just the margins themselves and not what’s driving them. Consider the sales team that is measured or rewarded based […]

3 Hidden Profit Opportunities That Aren’t So Hard to Find

The new year under way, and you’re searching for ways to improve your company’s profitability. No doubt, you have wrung costs to the minimum and continue to drive sales throughout your business . But where does your next margin opportunity lie? Where will you realize the greatest gain for your effort? Look no further than […]

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