Migrating Sales Incentives Towards Price Performance Reward

The vast majority of sales programs do not have incentives focused on rewarding price performance. There are certainly plans that include incentives based on margins but not specifically on price. So, first, why do we want to reward sales teams on price performance? If your sales team is currently involved in the pricing process through […]

Are You Underpricing Your Business Across the Board?

In most of the clients that our strategic pricing consultants engage with we sometimes see a company who is underpricing their business across the board. That is, in nearly every case the price is less than the threshold that the customer is willing to pay. One indicator is when your sales close rates are extremely […]

Hold Your Ground on Price Increases

Do you experience this situation? One of your largest and best customers hasn’t had a price increase from your firm in a long time. Maybe it has been 3, 4 or even five years or more. You may have made attempts in the past only to get shot down by the buyer over and over […]

5 Tips for Driving Price Performance

Is price performance on your radar screen? If you are like most companies, your pricing management efforts fall short of a strategic pricing process in that they are limited to periodic analyses of historical practices and pricing events. A more proactive approach to strengthening your pricing performance includes data analysis, pricing policies and implementation, among […]

Strategic Pricing Quantity Break Schedule

For most wholesale distributors and manufacturers it is common to offer pricing discounts based on the quantity of an item purchased. For example, a single widget might sell for $10 but an order of 20 widgets might be priced at $9 each. Our pricing consultants see many companies that have set clear structures in place […]

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